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Our Work

Preserving & Protecting Turtles Worldwide

We stand now in the midst of a crisis for turtle populations globally. With over 62% of species facing extinction or already extinct, we must take action to ensure their future as an integral part of our planet’s grand ecosystem.

At Turtle Island, we are dedicated to safeguarding these turtles and their future through our four pillars of work. They are:

The Turtle ARK

Turtle Island runs the largest turtle ark in the world, which acts as a protection and assurance colony. Our turtle ark cares for and breeds 37 of the most endangered turtle species. Across our four locations, we have over 2500 turtles from 240 different turtle taxa.
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We focus on educating the public about Why Turtles are essential to moving forward conservation and prevention efforts. We do this through speaking engagements, providing hands-on learning at our locations, and openly sharing our research efforts.
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The research at Turtle Island focuses on gaining knowledge about biodiversity and threats that various species encounter as the basis for conservation and protection. Turtle Island has a reputation for studying turtle biodiversity through international cooperation. We openly share our research to help worldwide conservation. The team at Turtle Island has 25+ published studies.
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In-Country Projects

We have worked on projects in North America, Europe, Africa to Southeast Asia.

Our project combines ex-situ (outside their natural habitat) conservation measures for highly endangered species with in-situ (inside their habitat) measures such as habitat protection, research initiatives in the natural habitat, and reintroduction projects. We have projects with turtles from every continent in the world that has turtles, this only excludes Antarctica.

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