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New Hatchling Flapshell Turtles

Check out the story of saving an Aubry's Flapshell turtle and her hatchlings.
Aubry's Hatchlings Hunting Fish
Check them out swimming and hunting for their lunch!

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Together with our global network of partners, supporters, animal keepers and volunteers we contribute to the protection of the most threatened group of vertebrates on our planet – turtles.

About Turtle Island

World's Largest Turtle Ark

At Turtle Island, our mission is to preserve and protect from extinction.  Our main goal is to establish a zoological institution, a “Turtle Ark” for endangered species and their conservation. Turtle Island, with over 240 different turtle taxa, and 2,500+ animals at our locations, we are the largest, and most species-rich turtle ark in the world. 

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Preserving Turtle Life

Your donations make a difference. Here’s what we’ve been able to do based on your donations, and we’re just getting started.

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